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((Someone pointed out: If you want to listen to a song while reading this, then listen to "When Somebody Loved Me" from the movie Toy Story 2 :3))

“(Y/N)! Could you come here please?”

Shouted Slenderman's mature low voice throughout the house. You looked up from the laundry basket to the washer room door and smiled, “I'm coming~!” You chirped in your usual happy tone, Slenderman chuckled to himself as secretly he did love you and your wonderful attitude very much. “Ok take your time~!” He called back.

You walked out the washer room, you held the basket around the rim with two hands. It was pretty heavy, but you didn't mind. Anything to help out. You walked past BEN's room, you could see through the slit in the door the green dressed boy lying on the floor in front of a TV, a game controller in his hand. Next to him was a boy with black matter hair and a white hoodie.

“Boys, you got any washing?” You asked, BEN and Jeff's heads turned to you, surprised that someone burst their gaming bubble. “Hey there (y/n)~” Jeff purred, you rolled your eyes and smiled. BEN quickly stood up and went to his dresser to pull some clothes out, he chucked them into the basket and laid back down. “Happy baby~? Maybe now you and me have some time to talk..” BEN winked at you, you giggled and shook your head. “Stop it you two, or else I'll tell Slender to cut down your junk food budget.” BEN and Jeff's eyes widened, “No!” “Babe! No!” They whined, you chuckled. “I was kidddinggg~” you said as you walked down the corridor.

You placed the basket on the dark brown kitchen table, Ticci walked past quickly. “Hey Ticci hon, got any laundry?” You asked in a gentle voice, he twitched and shook his head. You shrugged, “Ok then~” Ticci then walked off.

Slenderman entered the room, you jumped, “Geez!” You cried, putting a hand on your heart, “You scared the stuffing out of me Slenderman!” You breathed, catching your breath a little after. Slenderman chuckled, “Laundry done?” He questioned, you nodded, pulling down your rolled up sleeves. “Yup~”

The door on the joined dining room opened, you recognized the person as Sexual Offenderman, “Hey brother.” He bobbed his head to Slender, then he turned to you, his mouth opened a little as if in shock, then he grinned and licked his lips. “And hellllllooo beautiful-” Slenderman stood in front of you. “None of that please. She is rather new here.” He stated protectively, Offenderman gave off a quick look of anger, then Offender shrugged, “Fine.” He said simply before walking out.

“Could you lay the table (y/n)?” Slenderman asked a second later, you grinned, “Sure Slender!” He gave your head a pat with one of his tentacles, “Good girl~” he praised before you ran to lay out the table.

Jeff crept down the stairs while you were laying it out, see, you were fairly new in the Creepypasta household. But that didn't stop most of the guys getting small crushes on you due to how nice and bubbly you were. BEN, Masky and Jeff had grown to like you quite a lot. Jane did like you a lot too, but Jeff wouldn't let her anywhere near you.

Jeff crept up behind you, then put two hands on your waist, you squeaked and spun around. “Hello (y/n) darling~ Need any help?” Jeff smirked, you blushed a little, “I-I am fine thank y-you..” He just chuckled, “Alright... Need... Any other help..?” He trailed out, placing a hand on your thigh. You blushed deeply at what he was probably hinting at, You quickly brushed his hand off, “I'm perfectly fine~” you insisted, Jeff groaned slightly.

“Jeff.” Piped a voice from the kitchen, “Hands off the lady.” Slender demanded. Jeff huffed out irritatedly before stomping back upstairs. ‘Damn Slenderman will need to try harder then that to keep her off me.’ He hissed in his head.

“Sorry about him (y/n)-” “Oh there's nothing to be sorry about~” you beamed, “He's a teenage boy, he's bound to be like this. And also, the sweetie isn't that bad. He's just been through a lot like the rest of you.” You smiled warmly, Slenderman was amazed at how forgiving and warm you sounded. “Eh.. Al...Alright then.”

After that, it was another hectic dinner with the army of Pasta's. you asked if you could help clean the room and table (There was yet another food fight when Sally threw a pot of pudding at Glitchy Red, Red threw a pot back but it hit LJ and so on), but Slenderman insisted that you had done enough and that he would do it. So you let him.

You tucked Sally in and read her “Princess Sally Finds A Unicorn” (The real book name was Kate but you changed it), and you made sure Eyeless had taken his medicine for his mood swings... Oh, yes. You liked to make sure everyone was comfy and all at night, these people had taken you in and given you a home so you did do little checks like this. Some of the Pasta's had certain requirements.

You even walked out into the yard and checked if Smile was ok in the shed on his fluffy big bed, Smile opened one big eye and eyes you up and down, his smile growing. You assumed that meant he was ok.

You made sure Jane hadn't gone to sleep with her knife in her hand (She did once and cut her side in her sleep, you cleaned the bed for her). You made sure Ticci had taken his medication to help with his 'Twitches'.

You went into the living room where Grin Kitty's bed was. He jumped out of bed and curled around your leg before hopping back. He was fine.

You went into Masky's room (He also shared with Hoodie, bunk beds). You had to make sure there masks were off, one time Masky nearly suffocated himself in his sleep with his mask on see. They were off and fine, as you left the room, Masky opened one eye and watched you leave. He smiled softly to himself, ‘Damn, she's just like a mom..’. He thought.

You went into LJ's room, he was curled up surrounded by candy. He was also sucking his thumb, you giggled and left.

You then checked everyone else's room, y'know, Lost Silver's room, Appy's, everyone. Everyone who wasn't out killing that is.

And last but by no means least was Jeff's room, his room was the one on the end. His room was next to a large window which displayed the countryside beautifully, you knocked on the door and slowly slid it open.

Jeff was sitting awake in his bed. “Jeff...?” You cooed into the dark room, Jeff looked up from his lap as you turned the light on. He looked somewhat upset, you rushed down to him and knelt on the floor next to the bed. “What's wrong baby?” You cooed in a motherly voice, Jeff's eyes went even wider at that, his cheeks went a slight dusty pink too. “Hehe.. D-Don't be dumb I'm f-” he was cut off when he noticed the look you were giving him.

‘Sh*t,’ he thought, ‘She looks so concerned and worried.’ He kept staring into your worried eyes, you looked tired as you had to stay up an extra hour just to do these checks. ‘C...’ He hitched a breath while thinking, ‘Can I open up to her? Will... She won't laugh at me right? She's too nice..’ His thoughts trailed off as he looked away, to his window next to the bed.

He looked out at the moon, a tear fell from one eye, “I miss them so much.” He sniffed, you “Aww”d. “Honey who do you miss?” You questioned concernedly, “... Mom... L-L-L-” he was cut off by his quivering lip and tears, he covered his eyes with his wrist, “L-Liu.” He sniffed out, you cooed once again, Jeff buried his unblinking stinging eyes into his hands.

You climbed onto the bed and held him tightly, normally Jeff didn't like being hugged or fussed over. Heck, no one had ever even seen him crying before. He normally acted like a vein idiot on the outside. But he had held a lot of emotions in him about his family.

Apprently blood thirsty psychopaths can have feelings too. Which was surprising, you always just guessed that maybe they had no emotions of sadness. Heck, some were demons. Demons can't get depressed... Right?

You felt completely terrible. Sure, Jeff was a rude flirt. But you knew how nice he could be sometimes, he went out last minute on Christmas to get BEN that game he wanted (Apparently to spite not being religious they celebrate it for the gift's), he apologized to Jane for what he did, it was only a quick “Sorry..” But you knew he meant it. Deep down he meant it.

You wrapped your arms around his torso and held him, rocking him gently and humming a soft song to him. “F*ck..” He mumbled through tears, he gripped the back of your PJ top as he clung to you like a child who had a nightmare. “Why... Why are you so f*cking kind to me?!” He exclaimed, he was astounded by it, he hadn't felt kindness in a long time now.

“Jeff.” You pulled him away a bit so he could look into your eyes, “We are family now. Ohana, means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.” You smiled a bit, quoting Stitch. Jeff's eye twitched as he broke down in sobs once again and held you close to him.

A few minutes later, Jeff went limp in your arms. You carefully and slowly pulled away from him, letting him fall down into the bed, he had fallen asleep. You giggled quietly, poor thing must have worn himself out crying.

You grabbed his eyedrops from the nightstand, squeezing carefully some drops out into each eye. He needed it so his eyes wouldn't dry out and he'd go blind, you put his black eye mask on then gave him a kiss on the forehead. You smiled at him one last time before standing up.

You opened the door, then heard a soft, yet gruff voice.

“I... I love you... M...mommy...”

Jeff sighed out in his sleep. He's thoughts gotten mixed up for a minute (That does happen when you are insane..), and he must have must have mistaken you for his kind mother that he killed in rage. You froze, completely adored by how he could think that you were his mother. “I love you too Jeff..” You muttered gleefully before shutting the door.

You gasped as you seem Slenderman right in front of you on the hall, “I seen and heard all that.” He said, you panicked,

“Oh god Slender please no don't tell anyone-”
“I won't.”
“-The poor thing was scared enough to tell me as it is and I-” “(y/n), I won't tell anyone!” He sharply whispered.

You blinked, “You won't..?!” You whispered quietly and happily, he nodded, you gave him a huge grin.

“But look (y/n).” He began sternly, “The others here... You were a Creepypasta fan as a human correct? You know the backstories and so on.” He continued, you nodded, “Well... If you are going to be the erm.. Mother. Around here then I want you to do this for everyone.”

“...What...?!” You mouthed, a bit surprised. “The others here are... Pretty messed up too. They all need help to vent it.” He explained, “Can you do that dear?” He asked.

You smiled, “Sure. I mean, I love them all. I don't want them to worry.” Slenderman “Hmm”d before walking off down the corridor. “Make sure you talk to them mainly before bed, I notice that normally people feel lonely at night.” He called in a sharp whisper, you giggled, “Will do!”

You then went back into your own room. Finally able to get some sleep. After that, Jeff opened up to you regularly, he stopped flirting with you. The others did eventually too.

You learned about how Offenderman didn't always want to rape people, you learned about how LJ was left alone by Isaac in a box for years. You learned how BEN was actually a pretty sensitive guy, how Slender was constantly under pressure, you learned how Sally was raped and killed, it broke your heart. But you helped them. And they all loved you for how caring you were.

That was how the Creepypasta Mansion finally got their own mother and therapist.
Ehhh. Not really sure what this is??? I dunno, I was bored. Anyways, I kinda see it as a Jeff X Reader in a way.

The "Sort of" Sequel is here;…
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